I made Kale salad and went to Angelo/Xtian’s show, where I made fun of the pre-set projection-mapping visuals with RJ. I found MC in the Tech Corral and we went out for beer. We got a taster-tray. A woman with an Eskandar shirt from last spring walked out and I noted that it cost around $800, then I described Eskandar’s history as a designer, feeling disgusted at how much I know about things I don’t care about due to being a nerd and having had a job. MC knows everything about ceramics, which is cooler to know about.

Xtian, Angelo, and Sarah joined us. I said Xtian and Angelo looked fresh, Angelo scoffed and complimented my bottle of Gerolsteiner. We all chatted in the parking lot, wondering what to do next. RJ wondered if millennials care about the situation in Palestine. Sarah gave me a ride to my car and we ended up talking in the parking lot. MC texted me: “come over?” and I said “Yeah!”It started raining and we admired the patterns on the windsheild. It stopped raining. Sometime later  I got back to MC “sry me n Sarah r having a  d n m.”

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