I waited for a $25 $85 haircut (promotion where proceeds went to the interfaith homeless shelter Pete’s Place) and texted Kristen about plans. Then I walked around the mall, found some friends painting a mural, and went with them to a restaurant where I got a shot of probiotics and shilijat.

The head of the salon wanted to cut my hair cuz short hair is her specialty. I said I didn’t care what she did and that she probably knew best. This was true.

I made spicy VLTs and we drove to the lake, where it had just begun raining. We sat on some rocks and ate sandwiches, talking about regressive liberalism.

We had stopped at the Betterday for coffee and people were protesting outside the Co Op. Kristen wondered what it was about “they’re all middle aged and white” she noted, then rolled down her window to ask. Turns out, they were protesting the inclusion of not-certified-organic produce, saying “it’s poison.” “Do you realize your position is racist?” Kristen replied.

The produce in question comes from operations like smaller farms who could not afford organic certification, but who don’t use pesticides themselves, and the Co Op is transparent about all of its sourcing. The implementation of “non-organic” produce provides a lower-cost option, expanding to a wider socio-economic sphere and supporting small-scale local farms. 

Jesse had been crying all day because Kristen was accepted into the Peace Corps and will likely chose to move to Albania for that, but he slowly moved from quiet/sad to passionate about the parallels between Kenneth Anger’s Scorpion and Drive. I learned that he had worked on the camera crew of Better Call Saul, season 2, and asked him about the single shot that took place on the highway with the ice cream truck. He told me about how they built a highway and used special effects to replicate the line of traffic to make it longer, using a crane and steadicam to get the one-take, only cutting at a zoom-in on a cop’s jacket.

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