Sarah and I went to Currents, when we approached a piece we would do rock-paper-scissors-counting and instead of making the appropriate hand-shape, say the first word that came into our heads about the art. If we both said the same word we took a shot of vodka. 1, 2, 3: Fractals… 1, 2, 3: Projection Mapping…

As with all openings it took us a while to visit much of the art itself. I was watching a (very good) performance with my idol, Juliet Myers, and giving a side-hug to the 15 or so pallies that walked by.  

A group amassed, many of whom had helped to install the show. This got us on the subject of hardware stores, and the Home Depot bucket that had been full of candy at Meow Wolf. The Home Depot bucket is perfect for trick-or-treating because of its color – it’s the adult’s pumpkin-bucket. I joked about going to the hardware store with a pumpkin-bucket, and carving “Let’s Do This” into a pumpkin. Cole and I belly-laughed until we were falling over.

Jess walked by with some cutie and said “hey.” Leo noticed my change in demeanor: “oh those people were cute!” I said it was more painful than that, then “say, remember the last time I was weeping in your arms?” Sarah and I went into a bathroom stall together and drank the rest of the vodka.

Crocket wanted to do something so we went and bullied teenagers at the basketball court, throwing a flip-flop through the hoop. We drove to Noah Devore’s, looking to form a roving-gang, but the lights were off.

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