Standing on the sidewalk outside Eangelo’s, where I’ve never been, where I was to meet Feather for drinks, I chatted with those people on the sidewalk who I knew. I didn’t note the person approaching westward toward our blockade until she was in my arms.

Jessica, Feather, and I went to Duel, drew with crayons, talked about personal histories in caves, cults, and christianity, in and outside queer culture, native culture, etc. etc.

Feather and I are both INTP, we found out, by saying that that is what we are. She said that is the rarest type or whatever, but I heard it is the second rarest type, or whatever. We will collaborate, probably in two years, when we are both deep enough in our fields. I drove the taxi home(s) and Jessica dozed off.

I pushed Jessica’s hair back as it fell across her face. She climbed across the stick shift and centre console. “I’ll see you again before you leave?” I held a quiet giddiness, thinking about how we had kissed in my car as I drove my car home.

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