At Xtian’s tape release, I was the first wet guest to arrive. For the second year in a row, monsoons came early.

Technical issues and I was so thirsty. Rain was strong enough to put out cigarettes but not fill my little paper cup.

Luna, Sarah, and MC came from a party at Buffalo Thunder, filled my cup with wine. Angelo played sweet, his back to the crowd. Xtian did dark and foggy with yelp-jokes and clarinet. Outside, touring act said he would try to ascend to the level or brattiness embodied by the sensitive bros before him.

I joined Angelo on a dance floor of no-kick. Experimental Housewife outdid herself with a non-dance set.

I gave Sarah my jacket, I said I would give Sarah a ride.

Sarah: “What do you wanna do?”

Me: “By gang!”

(Angelo and Luna sitting in a chair)

Angelo got up, hugged me close. Locking eyes and looking away: “When do you leave?” “As soon as my visa comes.” “Don’t go.” “I won’t.” We kissed.

Sarah and I got in the car. Laughed. “I feel like Angelo has been a little flirty toward me.”

MC: “What a fucking psycho.”

Me: “What I should not do is go to the after party at Luna’s”

Sarah/MC: “True.”

We talked about our days and shared the two Tecates that were in the fridge (Angelo moved in… he brought his stuff over…)

Sarah: You’re dying to go over there aren’t you?

Me: “Yeah.”

We met the new neighborhood cat, she was dressed in all black. Read her collar: “Banana”

Sarah and I went home.

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