After finishing up analytics/commissions I rode my bike home from my last day of work early. Noah: “There was a half day and no water balloon fight?” I made pizza crust.

I was the first guest at Lynn’s and sat outside with her and John, drinking beer and talking about Fabrica/Aalto.

Big hugs as we all left, and a Georgia O’keiff skull card from Gail about a week later, wishing me luck and apologizing for missing the party. I wrote her an email thanking her for her kindness and continual fashion-inspiration.

A couple weeks later Noah and I stopped by Workshop/SFDG and later went out to drinks with Ysidro/Erin/Erin’s BF. I mentioned Lynn’s $20,000 bonus. Erin was shocked/disheartened about how real the class war is.

Noah and I also went to Draught station with Noah Devore one evening (hot hot afternoon). We were talking about something political and Noah D. said: “It is a dizzying maze of pee pee’s and wee wee’s.

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