Thank You, I Love You

On the 28th, all my friends and idols came up to me, hugged me, and put money in my pocket. I recommend this experience to everyone. All I could say was: “thank you, I love you.”

Cathy arrived early with a sixpack and asked if I wanted a beer, I said I did, realizing that I did, and that it was now time to break my fifty-day sobriety.

Amanda, Jaque the House, Dirt Girl and Lucci Ferrari DJ’d and 404 Not Found played. I danced so hard. Benji and I danced so hard.  Onlookers commented that it was great to see Benji and I catalyze the dance floor at least one last victorious time.

Angelo came up to me at one point, said “I love you a lot” and held my hand. I responded: “I love you too.” He said “thanks.” 

At 2 Angelo leaned over his turntables to ask if I wanted to play soon or nah. I was like: “It’s 2, I think everyone should go to sleep.”

Instead, 50 some guests flooded the dance floor. I played my “Fuckset.” When I dropped Jerimih’s “All The Time” everyone took their shirts off.   

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