Cis Het Shit Heads

I voted (democratic primary, Bernie Sanders) during lunch break, then sat on the plaza and ate my veggie sausage sandwich/salad. A guy came up to me and asked me where to get French fries, I told him to get some with green chile. He said where he is from they only have a little bit of spice, here we eat everything spicy. He asked me out, sat down next to me, gave me a candy, offered to buy me a new phone… at first I was amused and thought of taking him to a noise show (he assumes I’ll be open to his culture, or am already part of it, I’ll do the same). By the end I was bored/increasingly uncomfortable (he got closer and closer to me, asked if I knew small hotels for if we like each other after dancing and drinking…) So here’s a good opportunity to use nonviolent communication to avoid ever seeing this guy again. It’s annoying to be put in this position – I wouldn’t be if he knew I was transgender, if he knew I was transgender I would likely be in a more dangerous position. 

By 3pm I was in the mood for a treat and looked up recipes for vegan chocolate chip cookies that use chickpea flour.

Imagine just seeing someone in a park, talking to them, and thinking that you would like to have sex with them, and maybe they would like to have sex with you too. Imagine being cisgender and heterosexual and a man. BUT, thought experiment, if it was the norm to be nonbinary and people small-talked about intersectional eco-feminism, maybe I would swoon for people on park benches on the regular. Would I behave as obnoxiously as some cis-het shit heads? No, because in this thought experiment world people are not socialized to act entitled.

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