Dion and I were walking to work at the same time today. He has been thinking about space. I have been thinking about how there isn’t a self. We went to our desks and tried not to giggle.

After a few new hires there weren’t enough computers for the entire web team at work. Because I am easy going and going away, I am the one who floats from computer to computer.

It is progressively harder to do my job. For one thing, I just learned that the commission raise I was told (verbally) that I would get last year didn’t actually happen, then it was denied that anyone ever told me that. For another, I am not efficient when I’m being kicked off of computers all day.

Today part of the production team isn’t here and I am downstairs. I was working quickly, but couldn’t post anything till Monday when the website redesign would be launched. Google’s spiders crawl over my efforts on a 7 day cycle and by the time today’s work is manifest I will have left the company.

“I just realized I’m Drake” I said. This was weird enough to make Dion and Ysidro crack up.

Jessie came in, asked Dion to print tags for some sweaters. He was inside headphones and didn’t hear. I told her: “He only responds to ‘Big Wayne’ now.”

I made an espresso, put on my sunglasses and continued to work.

“I’m Drake, so I wear sunglasses while I type words.”

Big Wayne and I cracked up.

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