After Jewel Pop at Caldera and Tune Up w/Sarah, Benji + Emily, Sarah and I went to the Cross of the Martyr’s.

I checked for the 2005 Real Estate catalogue tucked into a tube under a banco on Otero St. It was still there. Sarah laughed and asked what that was about. As irreverent teens with DaDa humor, Hoku and I placed the catalogue there and told each other that as long as it remained so too would our love.

The smacking smooching sounds of “The Martyrs” at the cross made Sarah and me laugh. When they left we realized the cross lost its meaning and would therefore now be called the “Big Metal Industrial Sculpture.”

At Skylight we got in for free, because we expected to, and felt fine leaving early. Billiam was good. The dance floor was not packed. Xtian and Angelo were there. 

During a break in the well lit hall Xtian said Sarah and I looked cool. “We smoke” I said. We lost them and then neither the top 40 or minimal techno were lit, so we drove off in Sarah’s truck listening to Aphex Twin Ambient Works.

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