I was at the counter at Betterday when Hoku walked in, looking confused, wearing layers of cloth that gave him a cocoon shape. He came up to me and we nuzzled our faces together, looked each other in the eyes. We kept almost kissing and he would mischievously turn his head away from mine, smiling. He didn’t talk.

Hoku was in my dream another time recently. The two of us were standing in a hallway, trying to figure out when we would hang out. I knew he was dead, and that the chances of me getting to see him again before he remembered he was dead were slim. I was the one being evasive though, I said: “I’m really busy for the next few weeks.”

Waking up late, I made a raspberry smoothie and a veggie burger in 10 minutes, packed some computer fans I’m selling on eBay, and rocked up to work as tardy as I have been every day this week.

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