Difficult not to drink when you come home to the bounty of party-beer, housemates and touring band in the yard shooting empty cans with bb guns and blasting music. I have instead been accessorizing with a cone of dark chocolate Coconut Bliss.

Diesel Dudes accompanied us to Meow Wolf, where we did a Mallplex Juvieganger photo shoot at Wiggy’s Plasma Plex. The band asked what this was for. I didn’t know. 

Diesel Dudes and Weeper played our “Eviction Party” which was loud but ended early. Half the party came after the show. Emily Montoya invented the product “Water Light” tagline: “Finally!

Patrick Tabor showed off a faded and stained WB hat, said there were a lot more where those came from… in Diesel Dudes’ Warner Brother deal they got some hats, a bunch of VHSs, board games, and a dog with wheels for legs, her name is: “Wheelie.”

As guests thinned we danced reckless to Gabber in the empty living room.

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