Heartbreak Tag

There’s something about Eunice’s scent that reminds me of Adhit – that sunshine smell, for lack of a better description. There’s something else in it that’s like Tina’s smell – a granular field of slightly transparent and warm white tones.  It’s like a very fine snow but definitely not cold or made of water.

There is something around or in the scent that gives an impression of sadness. It’s vague to describe the olfactory world but perceptually poignant – these intuitions are immediate and tied to something base.

A further illumination of Eunice’s scent comes from learning that she wears perfume, she says she wants to be one of those people who leaves a pleasant aroma when they walk by. 

Eunice asked me if I liked her, which is a terrible question that no one should ask anyone. It traps the person you’re asking. Of course no one is going to say: “no.” I do like Eunice, but that’s not what she was asking.

“Your time together has the appearance of fun” Noah noted, Observing that I wasn’t having fun. “I want to break up with her for you… how difficult is it to dance with a human backpack?”

Eunice is hot and witty but there are two reasons I have to break it off:

1: I don’t feel like dating her

2: She won’t let me dance 

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