Jess and I talked about ethics at opposite ends of a dramatically-lit table with an antler and pomegranate centerpiece.

I used to be the type of vegan who could eat goat cheese at an art-opening and call it freegan. Now knowledge of systematic brutalization prevents me from indulging in no-cost gustatory pleasure.

Jess’ line is somewhere between plant and primate, I think people should eat bugs but I don’t even kill mosquitos. I’m just vegetarian-type, it’s my sign or my gender or whatever. If it weren’t an option in my culture, I think I would still have the inkling, but who knows because I can’t live in a vacuum.

Similarly, who knows if I would have body dysphoria outside of patriarchy?


I’m in a weird in-between zone in a few ways. Waiting to figure where I’m moving, what I’ll be doing. House-sitting, not finished with a number of projects. I feel low key apathetic about everything except that I also feel like I’m falling in love. Hard not to.


Soft and sweet sexuality, pervasive throughout my body, it felt like a pale color and it felt like I could sink into it. Come to think of it, it was the same color as 11. I laughed, said something about 11,000 orgasms, and “T-H-X.”


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