Denim Gender

As I faded, listening to the New Yorker fiction podcast and holding the beautiful body of another, I said something about how there are only “600 more days left in the weekend.” I woke up laughing about it, Jess said: “Yeah, I didn’t know how to parse that one.”

Another thing that cracked me up was the idea of trying to braid Jess’ hair while making out.

Enduring my jokes is part of knowing me. When I got back from Italy I took out a tube of tomato paste and said: “The toothpaste in Italy sure is weird.” Kristen cracked up, I cracked up. Noah cringed.

Leaving my house at 8:50 PM last night I thought maybe I should bring sunglasses and a toothbrush – I did a mixture of trying not to be presumptuous and forgetting. Then Jess offered me a toothbrush.

Jess wore a ~too sexy 4 work~ tank top and cutoffs. I re-applied the black turtleneck that is part of my body. We went out for #coffee at the Tea House, talking about denim and gender.

In my age and class group $80 is a lot to spend on pants. $80 is not a lot to spend on pants when considering labor, material, and durability. Though I could do another 2 years in a pair of $40 ASOS jeans, spending $80 on a pair of $200 (organic cotton/ethical labor) pants that will likely last me 2+ years is the type of rich bitch decision I get to make right now – kind of, first I have to pay the internet bill and wait for a check.

More and more, each object in my life is an expression of my own love for it. Anything I acquire, I am choosing to spend my life, or a part of my life with. As I think about who I am and what makes me feel happy, I also think about how objects I adore are going to exist for longer than I will. I’m a big grassy man in luxury homeostasis

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