if anything


The airline procedures on Aeroflot are all in slow motion and exalt beautiful, smiling stewardesses interacting with young children. Oddly enough this is pretty much the scene around me on the airplane.

A flight attendant said something in Russian, pushing a cart of drinks and I said: “red wine?” She poured the wine into a paper cup that depicted a sea of blood with the Coca Cola logo floating above.

A food cart made its way down the alley and the stewardess looked at me quizzically, then said “vegetarian?” I emote vegetarianism. Resting vegan face.

With 3 hours before my flight I tracked down a vegan restaurant. This required that I leave the airport and go through security at a different terminal. I won many points in LAX’s platform game of “Vegan Separatism.”

I think to myself: “should I feel nervous?” then sit back in my pervasive sense of calm. There is something about travel that makes me feel inordinately relaxed. (I am also the type of person who routinely misses flights).

I am having a pleasant time laying my thoughts out across the “Notes” app. As always, the onboard wifi doesn’t work and all my pre-loaded articles have been replaced with a smiling Russian stewardesses (clones, like nurse Joy and officer Jenny). They are so beautiful. I dropped my toy truck in the aisle – flight attendant Roxana picked it up and smiled at me. later, as I was sleeping, flight attendant Roxana pulled a blanket over me. As the airplane crashed into the sea, flight attendant Roxana put her oxygen mask on before assisting me with mine.

Pokemon metaphors are vital. The most important thing to think about is how I am like a Magikarp, and how I have to focus on swimming up that waterfall. One thing that is really boring to think about is that I lost and/or used all my fake money. I’m in debt around $6000 between car repairs, airline tickets (not refunded by insurance), Airline tickets (new), and dental surgery. I just can’t get myself to particularly care. It will take me > 6 months to pay it all back with current wages at full time but I also feel the time to quit my job is nigh.

Yes, it is time to move to a new place by myself and quit my job. Both unreasonable things to do in the perspective of money, though more and more money is a construct I don’t really get… pun intended.

The other day Lynn said something about how I “wouldn’t understand” because I’m “not a capitalist.” It’s true – at home Noah and I sit around and invent communism all day (how lazy).  Mom says “there is a lot of money in the world, I hear.” I’ve heard that too. More importantly, there are the things that we physically need to survive – like this fruit cup!

I am delighted my airline breakfast: potatoes, spinach, and whole little mushrooms, bread, fruit, and tea. A side dish had kiwi, melon and pineapple cut into tiny pieces with cilantro. A lemon wedge, lettuce, tomato, and an artichoke heart decorating the top. A combination I’ve not encountered before – wonder what it was alluding to, if anything

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