walk bike sing

Picking up my backpack before leaving the country my car broke down. Mom was downtown and gave me a jumpstart. A woman drove up, expressing seething hatred toward us. Mom patiently waved for her to go around. The woman’s exasperation was at a peak as she finally drove around. I laughed and jumped and flipped her off. By the time I got to mom’s house the coolant was boiling and smoke was emanating from the hood.

I did my laundry and printed my itinerary.

Red Cell is moving to Istanbul so Noah and I traveled the 10 feet to his party at Ikonic. I walked to the Allsup’s, intending to return with whiskey in my pocket to share with C. Instead it was 8 pm and I rode my bike to Jess’s, singing along to Rhianna as I pedaled uphill.

Among other things, I was enchanted by Jess’s book organization/collection, and their routine of shaving their legs and making sourdough on Sundays.

We went for a walk, talked about how art is bad, didn’t get drinks, and made out. I rode home, singing along to Ic3peak.

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