cake and

Tuesday morning I developed a dazzling migraine and didn’t go to work. I was worried about taking this additional time off – which made the migraine worse. Instead of being in trouble, I was taken out for drinks. Lynn and Ysidro brought me a cake.

Ysidro: “you know how every day at 4pm you comment about how you would like a beer and a cake?”

Me: “!!!”

We gave our server some cake and he comped my beers.

Lynn made a toast, saying she appreciates my oddness and convictions – even if it means I don’t really fit into the work-culture. I love my advanced capitalist family.

I surprised Bea at her going away party. A pit bull puppy followed some guests and we called him “#BadBitchRiRi.” Ysidro and Miles ended up making a home for him.

C came and went, and it occurred to me that I would like to make out with C.

I walked to the Bowie party down the street, and after saying hi to everyone I know (everyone) I cornered C on the porch.

C: “MC squared?”
Me: “probably M+C, unless we are talking about parallel universes”
Shayla: “I am going to go inside and you two can talk about post-art”
Me: “Wanna make out?”

Pushing one another against walls, limbs variously entwined, I wondered why we hadn’t done this before.

C: “I wonder why we haven’t done this before.”

Xtian texted me: “Ice slab Ice Slab Ice Slab!” (Ice slab being the bed I sleep on).

Noah and I were recently talking about how making out is like beer – people are often happy to accept it when offered.

My make-output has gone up 100% this year over last, and it is only February. As I explained (over high fives) to Cole, “I am blossoming into a beautiful slut.”

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