~Home~ <3

Getting home from LA, house smells like beer, Noah had mopped 3 times (that day), still dried marshmallow scuzz on floor. T33n party, take the GRE, t33n party, clean house (only I can do this). Laundry room destroyed again. Vomit on blankets. T33n party.1426209_10153790523445505_8270469231921031094_n


Grad school deadline, heater knocked over on foot, give advice to t33ns (college would be fun for you). Kisses on the cheek from the most wasted t33ns at the t33n party.

Dead bird on porch has been placed in a ham sandwich: sculptural ashtray. Bird smells bad in the day, when she thaws… but SHE NEVER WAKES UP! A Shopping cart has found its way into the yard.

Christian and Marie Claire come over. Fonzi, Christian and Marie Claire come over. I clean the house (only I am capable of this). The recycling is comical. The Recycling doesn’t get taken out. I didn’t do it because I overslept (t33n party).


2nd Grad school deadline. T33n party. When I got back from LA (before which I had deep-cleaned house) I left instructions for how to clean house (not followed). Mailman offended by dead-bird smell, still leaves me 20 computer fans and 2 ultrasonic sensors. Renting a bending brake in Rio Rancho and learning to weld via credit card debt (haven’t been paid back for rent or bills for a while). Plane tickets also on credit card debt. Future me is going to be mad at current me.

Got a copy of my diploma attested for Aalto university application. Car tire blew out driving home. Pulled over and changed tire – they attach the bolts pneumatically so it took Considerable muscle to get them off. Cold hands lifting my car on its little jack with the wrong tool (a small bolt, for leverage).  The doughnut went totally flat driving across the parking lot. I walked home, carrying my diploma, the attested copy of my diploma, and a six pack. A dog started following me. It was funny.

Earlier that day, Dion had left 20+ post-its on my desk that each said: “PLUM WINE.” He was waiting at my house, we went to three stores that didn’t have plum wine.

Next day, late for work because the post office said they couldn’t send something to Finland. They kept giving me the wrong forms and finally said they didn’t have the right envelope. When I told them I was late for work and didn’t have a car they taped it in an over-large envelope. They bought burritos from a woman selling them from a little cooler. 

I am enabling the teen parties? Yes, because I am paying most of the rent and all of the bills. I am also lessening my chances of graduate school via being distracted and kept up late. After work the following day, knowing I was pushing up against my next deadline I joked “bar?” Tina and I went out. Tina offered for me to live with her. I said: “When can I move in?”

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