Lifehack: No leftovers for lunch tomorrow? Make a pot of dhal just now. The more beers you have had the more garlic the dhal will have – yum!

The more bad you are the more bags of pixel modules will be on your floor.

Sleep until 9. Work at 9:30. (15 minutes of exposure to sunlight). Never set an alarm, just be late to work. And don’t take a lunch break to buy a burrito – $5 is a cheap lunch out but more than the ingredients for a burrito. Plus there will cold grey clots of turkey on your (non menu item) vegan burrito.

A lunch break also costs $6 after taxes, so that’s $13 (+ tip at counter service) for a lunch that could be $2. No sunlight without lunch break though, loose hatchtag $ (#$) for a lunch break though. We could all need a work-buddy to peer-pressure us into any vitamin D.

I wish I could have a cup of chamomile tea. I wish I could stand in a shallow pool of sunlit water. (Again). No one knew that that was what I was doing, hiding tequila at the Rat Rat. Shallow devil in sunlit water. I didn’t see the toothbrush I had stowed there (long ago) there (recently). Sad shallow devil in moonlight. No time for that kind of fast-sadnes. The kind of fast sadnes with 2 s’s only.

Everyone conspiring against me like: “Let’s hang out,” “we love you,” “this will be fun.” It’s true. let’s hang out, I love you, this is fun.

I don’t want to do the work that I don’t want to do, therefore I am lazy.

I wanna figure out how 2 code these depth sensors and not finish my (overdue) project for Meow Wolf. I wanna wire some fans and go to the hardware store. I wanna drink these beers and sing “Glue” with Sean and Noah while there is snow on the porch.

I dislike class structure and the abstraction of labor but do like working hard and pleasing people.

It is so cold in my room but I have a hot water bottle and synthetic covers. I hardly sleep but sleep hard lately, don’t notice parties and can barely visualize my next day b4 crashing on my iceslab…  I only get ½ of what the 3 me’s could do done in 1 night, because every me got sleepy. 

I do the work I don’t want to do out of obligation (+ 2 pay 4 living), therefore I am a sinner. 


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