I slept till 9, worked at 9:30, but had already packed lunch.

At 10:30 Crocket texted me, we met at 11 and sat in the sun and snow on the plaza. Then at 3 we got coffee. Whenever I take breaks my work output is higher, but I get paid less. I h8 capitalism so bad.

Tonight I am feeling spaghetti, listening to podcasts, and wiring pixel modules. One of the best feelings is when I realize I want to have spaghetti for dinner and then I make spaghetti for dinner. I’ll probably go to Italy, taste spaghetti for the first time and realize everything I love is a lie.

I had planned to go to Meow Wolf to design 1 more board and laser it/send my final diagrams to Zevin, but the internet was down.

It will likely take longer than I think it will to wire pixel module boards, but afterward I am committed to going to the gym and doing maths !

Am I getting more realistic about time allotment? Or no?

– No

Sitting and reading an article about how to be more financially responsible at 7:20 pm. With a beer. Prior to this I drove to Smith’s to buy beer because I wanted to feel happy > anxious. I left the marinara on low during this time, and it turned out deep and flavorful the way that only slow-cooked sauce does. I sort of floated into the grocery store, and smiled at everyone I saw.

Here is something I’ve been thinking: I am not interested in a relationship, I just want to fall casually-deeply in love, and to make out. I feel like it’s easy to fall deeply in love… casually. Can I explain why this feels true to me? Only if you usurp capitalism and the concept of love as ownership. 


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