At the gym I ran around on the bullshit for for 40 minutes, then did all the stuff with my arms. I probably need to lift more weight because I haven’t really felt sore.

I got all the things at the grocery store for $39. At home Noah cleaned the kitchen and I made hummus + roasted vegetables.

Mom had us pick her up because her car is having a rodent’s nest. My car got stuck in Nodia’s driveway where we were borrowing her 8 track. Noah and I talked about how “Back Up” by Dej Loaf is the most feminist song on pop radio, and also the best song on pop radio. Upon pulling into the tree lot we saw the ideal candidate and tied it to the top of my car with twine. That is probably the spot where every tree will have to be rotated in order to be purchased.

I opened two Marble Reds for Noah and I and mom put Betty Boop on as we decorated the tree. She made mushroom/wild rice soup, Sean came over, and we all played the most sad songs. At the end of the night I was stressed for not getting the work I had planned to do done and mom gave me a hug.

I stayed up till 12:30 or so painting my Pixel Module boards for Meow Wolf as Noah and River watched a Vice documentary on Hot Sugar. They left and I let Youtube auto-play “Menudo” videos until Sean came home. He sat on the couch with his liter of diet coke and watched the Menudo videos.

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