In a big house, many rooms. Below the house, basement area, not as nice. Looking through neatly arranged archival closets with hand made dolls hanging out in a forest of beads, one could see through to a shag-carpeted living room with a modern lamp. I was thinking that with this much space, used to it’s full potential, many people could live here.

Upstairs, concrete floors with radiant heat. I was in the girl’s room, she said: “they’re so lucky, they have a pool.” The pool outside this house was drained, but further on, through the clean windows of another house, there was a well-lit indoor pool.

I mentioned to the girl that my flirting game may be lacking. She said she would give me some pointers, draped her body around me, and kissed me. We snuck into a bathroom. Someone asked to come in and we vacated. I followed her down the hall. She was wearing a black leather bra. 

We were sidetracked with others at the party so didn’t get to finish our moment. I woke up thinking about continuing moments.

I felt tired and pain – didn’t want to go to the gym

I didn’t want to take painkillers either, so I drank a Java Stout.

Then I wanted a boughten coffee. Java Joe’s on Siler was closed so I went to Betterday.

Josh was working, Cyrus was sitting, and I ran into Shayla. Some 90’s dance music was playing and everyone was bobbing their heads. It was gray outside. They have house made almond milk at Betterday now. As I drove away I saw Vince walking from the Co Op, he was chewing gum and thinking.

I spent the day at meow Wolf, using the laser cutter. Once it was dark Sarah and I went to Duel for discount beer and vegan brautworst. Then arrived at Christian’s opening, “Fire Hydrant” which had clever arrangement to match its content. 

Everyone danced around, as always happens to some extent. Crocket, Sandra, and I played musical-beers until everyone had a beverage they wanted. Lindsey came and later Noah and I conferred about how beautiful we think she is.

Sarah and I left,  blasting the Knife in her truck as it snowed.

I went to the gym and blasted The Knife in my headphones. Then I studied for the GRE until I was sooo sleepy.

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