Dad, Noah, and I watched Down by Law. Noah had suggested we go to Jambo but they were closed, I made curried lentil stew with a lot of coconut cream.

Crocket got a new job as head proprietor at Mocna and we had “Euro beers” at lunch. In the evening we went to the show at Ghost, after I spent some time using the laser cutter at Meow Wolf.

I had felt like puking all day (probably the stomach flu that Noah had earlier) and didn’t eat but figured I should do stuff anyway because I am myself and an idiot.

At the Ghost show Sam (age 20) had stolen a bottle of gin, which he handed to me (several times). So for dinner I had gin.

My sense of trying-not-to-puke was overpowered by a feeling of heartbreak.

Xtian and MC noticed, asked if I wanted to talk. I wept on their floor. They made me chamomile tea. I went to bed.

In morning I dreamed that I was at Jay’s. He was erasing Angelo’s “chart” from the psychic space of his house, and replacing it with my own.

In an example of one of my best skills – being able to read text clearly in dreams, I had emailed Angelo and elucidated my emotional state.

He replied something that was a reference to a game, and also a joke, which I found to be clever. I looked up the reference and it meant something about always being part of one another’s souls – get over ur luv, dream-me. 

When I got to work Bea was not there and Shobhan took me to the breezeway to explain. I texted Bea and offered to bring her beer.

For lunch I went on on an errand to Office Depot with Crocket. I was self-absorbed in bemoaning my heartbreak. By the time we were done I was feeling lightheaded from not eating for two days.

After work I bought a six pack for me and Bea and we each slurped two IPAs as I prepared spring rolls. We decided to get Tina and go clubbing, because that is the most ironic/appropriate thing to do when you are heartbroken/fired. We figured we would get drunk and dance and then find our appetites for dinner.

The UK-minimal-Dj-or-whatever was cancelled (#HowToSantaFe) so we went to The Matador and danced to surf rock. Tina and Bea had overpriced cheap beer . I asked my friend Tim (the DJ) if he had Ros Sereysothea or Los Saicos.

Finally, at Tina’s, I remembered what it is to be a human being who needs to consume nutrients and joyfully ate half a wok of fried rice. Tina, Bea and I fell asleep in a pile together.


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