Woke up at 6:38, stayed in bed until 7:18 to gather dreams. Went to the runaround gymnasium, did pull ups, ran around on the bullshit.

Cleaned kitchen, cold coffee sitting in mugs, morning light house, dad left for Virginia.

Dad left us with “super tortillas,” several quarts of homemade salsa, and a #2 washtub of pintos. He subsidized chores and beer purchasing to the point where we were spoiled.  On thanksgiving we were the traditional 2 hours late. My (3 year old?) cousin Inara is an up and coming performance artist, and everyone in the house spent some time running around in circles, matching her squeals. On the way home dad, Noah, Sean, and I sang along to Mickey Avalon.

The last Sunday he was here, dad said we should do something fun so we drove to Taos to sit in hot springs. Spontaneously picking up Bea on the way. Googs led us into a mud pit where the car got stuck, so after pushing it out we walked a mile to the half mile hike to the water.

Last time I went to these springs I was 15 and my high school friends had spontaneously picked me up. It was the tail end of a confusing teen-love-square. Kristen and I stood naked under a degraded archway in the river, hugging and exchanging vows, promising we would be best friends forever.

The moon was nearly full at the springs last week and we had them to ourselves until a friendly group of Czech Earthship interns joined us with tea candles and beer. At the end of the night they gave us a ride in the back of their ice cream truck.

Our hair froze on the walk to the car and some very small dogs barked at us from the only house around. A surprised woman in a spaghetti-strap and bare feet came out and said we were headed in the right direction. 

Meave came to town and we took her beers to dad’s friend’s hot tub. Sitting in the somewhat tepid water we talked about our old ideas for the band “Formerly Blond,” which is now ironic as we have both gone back to our natural dishwater-blond locks.

Formerly Blond has a fashion line, our debut will be called: “Virtue”  – all the looks are made from transparent plastic, some of the models are just naked.

Meave and I have been friends since we were 6. A group of kids in elementary school used to have a game where they ran away from me and hid. When I found them they would ignore me. Meave discovered me sitting and waiting for class after this had happened one day and rescued me. We sat in a tree and she told me that she was the queen of the faeries, that she would protect me.

It is hard to get out of a tepid hot tub. I had an advantage however because it is similar to rising from my futon each morning. My breath is often visible when I wake up. The trick is to not be afraid of cold, and to move your body. I’ve been making this joke lately about why no one wants to come to my “make out palace.” Maybe it is because the slab of ice I sleep on is uncomfortable for mortals, and also that no one is attracted to the type of goon who elects such an ascetic lifestyle.


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