3 ME’s

I am not sure which is stronger, my luck or my work ethic. Right now I am feeling like a faker, a tricky devil in a shallow pool of sunlit water, making jokes during Skype conferences at 4am.


Program directors: “What makes you want to go to Europe?”

Me:  “I actually have some European blood… also I want to go to Fabrica.”

PD: “Pictures are bullshit, maybe Fabrica isn’t what you think it is.”

Me: “Everything’s a joke and an illusion and that’s why you should hire me.”


5am had me tossing and turning on my slab of ice, thinking that I am not yet cooked, not yet a good artist. I was surprised to learn that the cross-timezone interview was successful, that I will be going to Italy for Fabrica’s 2 week trial.
To prepare I am becoming fluent in Max/MSP/Jitter, prototyping a large scale vapor screen, and producing a new track. Still also working with Meow Wolf, applying for grad school, studying for the GRE, and working full time. The 3 me’s are busy.

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