So this morning there was an upstairs with new rooms in the house – typical dream symbol and one my dad mentions experiencing often.

A few days ago, a lion came up to me on the porch. It was probably gonna try to harm me. I told it to:”fuck off.” Dejected, it went off into the yard, pulling up tall weeds with the yellow flowers, shaking dirt off from the root formations.

The flowers then turned into a zebra and I watched as the lion twisted one of its legs,  tearing it off.

At work: “I guess the lion showed me that plants are living, that they feel pain, and that I am part of their cyclical suffering.”

At home, with Sarah: “You have mentioned several dreams about zebras being killed.”

Killing zebras is black and white. In reference to the earlier instance: Oliver knew the zebras wanted to give him their lives because he was a hunter. The lion killing the zebra on the front porch was natural.

I told Sarah about hiking with Caity/Lindsey’s grandma (in the Meow Wolf Prom dream) she said: “Which grandma?” I didn’t know, I haven’t met either, one is not currently living. Sarah asked me to describe her – short dark blond hair, new white tennis shoes, small stature. Sarah showed me a picture on her phone – it was the woman I had dreamed about. Wonder if I had seen her picture and subconsciously filed it to make dreams with. 

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