Shovel Snow

When my resume asked me what the hell I have been doing for the past year I told it: “Social media management and web development/strategy.” When someone asks me at a show or a party I generally tell them that I shovel snow.

I am happy to once again make the revelation that I am a Murakami protagonist. Shoveling cultural snow. It keeps piling up and someone has to deal with it.

My blogging output varies, last month I wrote 600 posts. Each day I stacked them up, compiling a document, opening multiple tabs to write in product code, and then publishing them in a flurry, leaving one at the top for people to not-read. At month’s end I analyze my work’s effectiveness across spreadsheets.

Through osmosis (and research) my knowledge of luxury fashion, and the fashion world in general has expanded, but my basic outlook remains critical and reductive – occasionally I get in trouble for being “too intellectual.”

Here are excerpts of (SEO boosting) flippancy that I have buried in the web:

“A Noir Kei Ninomiya Bag furthers the brand’s textural exploration of black. Synthetic leather is formed into flowers, referencing plant life with a material that alludes to animal death.”

“Conceptually, Issey Miyake 132 5. is focused on regeneration and re-creation. This circularity is embodied literally through the complex geometric forms that each garment can fold into.”

“Jackets are always key pieces for Rick Owens, the Clean Biker Jacket in Blood completes a moody look with a funnel neck, a dropped back, and Rick Owens’ classic internal pockets for a passport, book, or sandwich.”

“A Brunello Cucinelli sheep costume is embellished with silver detail along the neckline.”

Our website redesign has just launched, and the web manager is having me go back to delete all my old posts. “Practice futility” Bea says. Never look back.

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