Meow Wolf Prom

I decided to wear a sparkly dress, long fuzzy cardigan, and flats to the community prom. I borrowed Caity Kennedy’s canvas shoes, one of them painted black and the other halfway painted from dirty white. I was considering shaving but realized having a half-full scruffy beard completed the look.

I went for a walk with Caity’s grandma, all the while keeping my eye out for black paint. Arriving on a large portal Nick Toll asked if I drank beer so I got on my knees and turned my mouth up like a baby bird as he poured it into my mouth. Behind my shoulder I heard Oliver talking about how he had realized recently that he is a hunter. He had encountered a group of zebra and understood on a spiritual level to take their lives.

There was a line out the door for the buffet so I escaped to the now empty bar. I asked what the house special was and Alex Mcd. said it was vodka, coke, and chocolate syrup. I asked if he could just give me a margarita and he gave me one made with hollyhock seeds that he had been sipping from a saucepan.

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