Average Health

Gotta fight out this wiggler from my head, it is wound around this cold and coming out as snot. Also gotta touch every object I own and interpret if it sparks joy, get rid of it if it doesn’t.

What I remember from this morning: I had pitched down recordings that the police were getting illegally so that they were indiscernible. I was caught. Angelo and Cristian came back and we had a group hug with the strangers that happened to be around.

Earlier in the week I spent some time on icy mountains and interfacing with many small pugs. This is good – sometime ago I was hanging around rivers and that quick passage of time was making me nervous.

I never realized how much I would like running. I am glad Haruki Murakami convinced me to do it. Booty shorts are getting a little cold and I’m ready to go full health goth.

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