Halloween 2015

I awoke to Cathy preventing the cat from “purrrging” herself on my feet. Then Benji saying he was “digging for holes.” I sleepy-laughed and said: “when you dig for holes you always find them.” “No,” said Benji “Digging Four holes… our graves!”

High quality trance led by Dirt Girl. Maybe 5 hours of continuous dancing. Walking back around 6am Benji opened a beer and we went for a beer-jog.
Driving to and from Denver, every time we saw a bird we gave each other high fives. We made new slang that we assume Australians already use. Benji passed out nutragrain bars: “that’s some wiggy candy” “those are some wiggy lollies.”

Adhit is coming to the U.S with changed dates and we’ll have an Arsenal of fake Australian slang. Everyone will ask him to say: “windows media player.” None of us will ever stop laughing.
Good to have a couple day conference to generate in-jokes.



The Fauxpening was dreamy, makes sense because the paintings were by a fictional character who was channeling Brandon Benhing who was in turn channeling the fictional character. The work reminded me of Brandon and also of Enrique Martinez Celaya.

Brandon told me about his dream about Vince. I told Brandon about my dream about Brandon, Caity and her sister about my dream of their Grandma at Meow Wolf Prom, and John my dream about John.

Meow Wolf Prom

I decided to wear a sparkly dress, long fuzzy cardigan, and flats to the community prom. I borrowed Caity Kennedy’s canvas shoes, one of them painted black and the other halfway painted from dirty white. I was considering shaving but realized having a half-full scruffy beard completed the look.

I went for a walk with Caity’s grandma, all the while keeping my eye out for black paint. Arriving on a large portal Nick Toll asked if I drank beer so I got on my knees and turned my mouth up like a baby bird as he poured it into my mouth. Behind my shoulder I heard Oliver talking about how he had realized recently that he is a hunter. He had encountered a group of zebra and understood on a spiritual level to take their lives.

There was a line out the door for the buffet so I escaped to the now empty bar. I asked what the house special was and Alex Mcd. said it was vodka, coke, and chocolate syrup. I asked if he could just give me a margarita and he gave me one made with hollyhock seeds that he had been sipping from a saucepan.

Average Health

Gotta fight out this wiggler from my head, it is wound around this cold and coming out as snot. Also gotta touch every object I own and interpret if it sparks joy, get rid of it if it doesn’t.

What I remember from this morning: I had pitched down recordings that the police were getting illegally so that they were indiscernible. I was caught. Angelo and Cristian came back and we had a group hug with the strangers that happened to be around.

Earlier in the week I spent some time on icy mountains and interfacing with many small pugs. This is good – sometime ago I was hanging around rivers and that quick passage of time was making me nervous.

I never realized how much I would like running. I am glad Haruki Murakami convinced me to do it. Booty shorts are getting a little cold and I’m ready to go full health goth.