I hired an excellent new social media intern. (Left fb logged in on my computer).

“I just really love horses, you guys. ‪#‎lovingit‬ ‪#‎horses‬


New profile pic.

Feather asked if I had access to horses. “Ha ha ha ha, no.”

Jessica, Noah’s baby sitter at age 3, and our longtime family friend, invited me to see her horse.

We drove 1.15 h and got coffee at gas station. I got a sunburn hanging out with said horse.

The horse dialogue started 3 years ago when #horsesalughter was a big deal and I wondered why people cared about these creatures over similar creatures that they killed, ate, and raped. #Seemedarbitrary.

Jessica eventually became vegan – conceptually.

Horses are cute like dogs, they sneak up on you and lick your elbow, they roll on the ground. I can’t say I specifically give a fuck about horses. Their lives aren’t ingrained with mine but I like them well enough. The point is that I’m not into systemically brutalizing any creature. Not because they’re amusing to me, or useful to me outside of their flesh and bodily-processes, but because I respect them to exist without need for torture.

Jessica is a horse-person:

“Don’t break your leg bitch, then I’ll have to shoot you.”

“I don’t want to have to fight a 1,200 lb bitch”

“Gulliver, you have a really small penis.”

Corona is Jessica’s special wild horse. We stood around and washed Corona, filled her water trough. I held the rope while she yawned and paced. We applied fly-spray and some skin-disease medicine.

At the small grocery store Jessica bought freezer dinners for the week. Her friend keeps Corona on the land with Gulliver and Gulliver Jr. (never learned the stallion’s name). The friend had blue eyeshadow and works in the deli of the grocery store. Jessica said: “Thank you, I love you.”

As we were checking out Jessica took inventory of her purchases: “FUCK, Dairy cows. FUCK FUCK FUCK.” Exclaiming to clerk: “Sorry, I have brain damage.” Jessica had gotten some cheese enchiladas etc, but remained vegetarian in her yield. We drove back listening to a CD of The Ramones.


I have to say, I love Jessica and I love horses.

A comment on a picture Jessica shared from Deyla: “You’ve always loved horses.”

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