Dad texted Noah that he would be here on August 25th, not telling anyone else.

Later, dad wrote Noah a letter saying he’d be here on the 28th.

On the 28th, dad asked me if I would pick him up from the airport.

My friends are dads around here, they feed me beer!

The second day dad was in town he came home with a case of Happy Camper, a gallon of Vodka, and a gigantic watermelon. We blended drinks, put them in water bottles and biked to the Scottish Rite temple.

We were only 3 hours late so the party had not really started. Dad and I were bored and sleepy, so we snuck around the off-limits part of the building. Ascending some store stairs we discovered a room of illuminated bunk beds, the light changing color in a soothing pattern. We took a nap.

Later we went to see Zozobra burn and dad said he was hungry. He found two sandwiches sitting in boxes on a wall and enjoyed one of them in the crowd. Angelo, Sarah, and Christian approached. Angelo had just found a hundred dollar bill.

The party went full tilt and I was a dance floor catalyst with Benji as dad ate his second sandwich. Later, we wanted more beer and dad found a half-full bottle of “Hair of the Wolf” on the grass. We passed sips around and dad gave people cigarettes from the pack of Marlboro reds he discovered (through reaching his hand into pure potentiality).

Bonus-round in the platform party-game. Ask and you shall receive.

The next day dad and I bought 30 lbs of chile and drank a glass-bottle coke as the roasters made their music.


Dad peels chile on the porch

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