Ha ha, Lol, That’s Gross

I am a beautiful man and when I am weary I listen to Ros Sereysothea while crafting a magnificent dinner and I cry.

I’m not a man and I’m not crying, but these are the words coming out of beet-stained fingertips to describe this feeling. Maybe I am a crying man inside.

Inside literally I’m gum infection, failed root canal, etc. Did you know you shouldn’t have your teeth knocked out because it will fuck with your chi? But if you do, know that everyone will give you $10 or $50, and in this way you can subsidize invasive dentistry with pure kindness.

And if you are a crying man inside maybe you have been working 12-17 hour days and need to touch sleep or the earth, wash your pants and take a shower for the first time in 7 days.

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