– Viewpoint radically shifted after bomb dream.
– Nice email from Shobhan at work, thanking Bea, Jessie, and I for moving/assembling the 13 500 lb. stainless steel tables during a 13 hour day.

– Shlomoh concert in Albuquerque, which just ended up being Jayden not getting in, and me waiting in line to get metal-detected 3 times to coordinate keys/backpacks. Jessie called me while I was in line.  Cole had revealed his longstanding crush on her. I drank a beer and listened.

– Driving back home we talked about how things are not bad, they are ironic. It is a good coping mechanism to have a hyper-developed sense of sarcasm and irony. The main feeling I had was big, white, and empty, maybe a plant here and there. Today I woke up and I was not dead and the world wasn’t over. I am so excited to continue to be me.


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