Little Spells

Karl came back for a short spell so we hung around the Rat Bag and played dice. Angelo projected horticultural slides from some presumed-dead professor and we did Visual Thinking Strategies before heading to the gas station for whatever it is people get at gas stations.

Angelo’s senior show was the next day (the next day after what?). Coming to retrieve the fog machine earlier I met his grandmother, aunt, and parents, receiving their tea and goodwill in exchange for merely being around.

On the concrete floor of Jay’s space between the pawn shop and motel, I drifted off in the delicacy of Angelo’s fingers on piano keys.

Sipping absinth from black paper cups, Luke, Devin, and I shot fake guns and referenced Pokemon, Later the cat’s litter box was placed back inside and I visualized the logistics of building out a loft.

Bea, John, and I stayed up talking till 3am, naturally all having work the next day.


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