~Temple Sit~

“This one is Cuddly, we call her that because she is so cuddly… This one is Diana… she is a bitch.” Cuddly gets special treatment because she gets beat up by the other chickens,” the guy who I am house sitting for picks her up and kisses her.

“Alexa, play Enigma.” Alexa is a bluetooth speaker that plays from Amazon purchases, and Amazon prime. Later she is asked to play Enya and U2.

The 8 chickens, 2 cats, and 2 giant dogs all seem happy and well fed. The people are kind and end all correspondence with “blessings.” Juice pulp and carrots function as dog treats, along with hemp leafs, which ramp up their already high level of vibration.

Finding Om stickers on various housewares becomes a new game as I learn about cat-feeding. Raja is smelling my backpack, the woman I’m housesitting for touches her heart and says: “What an honor.”  Later: “We don’t practice any religion… but we worship cats.”

I am informed of how the dogs used to play when they were in their former bodies, having been reincarnated to their current ones. A cup of nettle tea and a demonstration on “picking up the poops” within the Magic Circle, giving leftover eggs to ravens, and vegan dog kibble further round out my understanding of the ~temple sit~ I am embarking on for the next month.

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