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Kristen was late to meet me for beer and Corvas was late to meet my programmer friend for beer so me and my programmer friend and his chemist friend sat and talked about projects.

Kristen and I looked through her Tinder. It was so boring. We decided to make me a tinder but it wouldn’t work on my phone (because you need a facebook and a gender to make one? Because my phone is 5 years out of date?) I tried to download it via ipad but instead chose “Air Flappy Fish-Brave Swim” You tap the screen to make the fish swim. I reviewed the app after playing it for a while calling it a “Great dating app.”

Here is my tinder blurb:

This guy is the limit :)

Where to start? I’m a nice guy on an endless search for a good microBrew. I have an epic bacon sweater that I wear for my guitar concerts. I love spending time at the gym and being 6’2″ with my dog whiskey. Really, I’m just looking for a pretty gal to gently antagonize. I feel like women owe me something.

Go Lobos 🐾

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