In my dream this morning I got an email saying to bid soon on a dehydrator. The price had gone from $80 to $153.

Now  it’s afternoon, I am at a coffee shop between at-risk youth and incarcerated-youth art-classes. The averagly-cute barrista didn’t charge me the obligatory almond milk fee AND gave me a discount. I figured this into the tip.

I checked email on my cracked phone. The dehydrator I’m watching is ending soon and the current price is $153.

I had several dreams Trippens arrived at work. Last time I asked if this was real or not and was told we won’t get another shipment until spring, but a reorder of Trippen had just arrived. All this practicing to be psychic has paid off. My subconscious can predict that probable things will happen and then they do.

Lately I have been thinking: “What the fuck am I doing, I am such a shit-head.” And “No one else in the world knows what they are doing either.”

Maybe some people do. What really matters is that we’re all killing this planet and each other together. :)

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