Post Work

Tina’s brother came to visit/live after not going to UC Irvine for having low grades his final semester of high school because his friend had committed suicide. Tina/Alain + Noah/I became matching sets of 6 year age difference siblings working at Workshop. We invited them to parties.

Tina, Noah, River, Alain, and I went to a Radical Abacus show. The next night was a co-workers birthday and I said I would give Tina a ride. I didn’t feel like going to a party but I went to pick her up because I said I would. Between us we didn’t have the address. We went out to dinner at Tune Up. We saw Bea and her cool friend there. Tina visibly glowed while eating. Later she said she wanted to be a food-taster. Tina and I hung out in her secret downtown apartment and joked about going clubbing. I got us onto the guest list of Skylight and we went clubbing.

Drinking whiskey sours with Tina and reconciling dance floor urges with dance floor disgust was funny. I learned that she had been married and lived in Norway. We moved our feet to uninspiring music and were told we were the “cutest couple here tonight.” We critiqued the assumptions and social structures that caused that statement to go by uncensored. Both of us were tired at work in the morning.

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