Penultimate four square match of the season. Dirt Girl was DJing at the Matador. Benji and I shared a mason-jar full of Chicken Killer that I had bought at Whole Foods during lunch break, inviting the wide-eyed cashier along the way.

Benji and I hopped between four square and dancing/playing Katamari underground as Noah and the underages threw the pumpkin-face ball against cars.

I thought I’d stay and dance until 1:30 AM and go to sleep, but danced until 2:00 AM and lay down on the sidewalk with Meagan Day, Benji, and Emily, talking about post-gender theory, post-lesbian-hair, and Turkish drinking traditions.

Meagan and I drove around to antiquated mix CDs made by her friend, the king of Berlin, after working with tweezers and patience to get the CD player working.

It was like an alternate high school wherein I got to hang out with Meagan Day.

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