Big Yell

While clubbing with Tina she wondered if there was a more underground dance scene. I suggested we throw a dance party at the Rat Bag.

So we threw a dance party at the Radical Abacus. Dave played a meta-set. I played a gender-set. Dirt Girl played a post-pangea digital-drift set. On the Facebook invite I suggested that people bring vegan ice cream sandwiches. One girl I’ve never met brought vegan ice cream sandwiches. Her un-sober friend, who I had met at whole foods while buying beer on my lunch break, drank every type of alcohol in the house mixed in a cup.

I hid the alcohol.

Kristen + Sam came and I was excited! Everyone danced to my set and I was excited! Benji’s excitement is a crucial part of my gender set, he jumped and yelled. He rolled on the floor to  the end of the set’s What is transgender.“.  

Floating on social waves I barely thought thoughts I just talked to people. Bea was empathetically exact in knowing my sinusoidal trajectory – frequency-oscillated by the actions of others. But I’m not saying what or whose actions ;)

At one point Bea said: “let me get you a beer, and we can go for a walk.” We went outside and I yelled for a while. The rage I felt was intense to the extent of being really funny. John and River joined us. With the amount of emotion in my gut it was only logical for me to continue yelling.

Before guests came, earlier in the night, Bea and I were jumping on the trampoline. She said that I must have been one of those kids who was always being told they were too loud. I am one of those kids who is so loud – and this post isn’t even written in caps lock!

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