It’s a Big Day Today

IMAG1561I was a centipede for halloween, after seeing the centipede on the floor at Home Depot.

I DJed at Niomi’s group show and drank an excellent almond milk chai. I had priced me drawings at: “A sip of sweet wine and a kiss from a dreamy individual” which she misunderstood to mean: “not for sale.”

My first thought upon seeing Kristen on Halloween was “Katamari!” We snuck a flask of whiskey into one of the objects comprising her costume.

We picked up Tina and navigated seas of top 40/the suspension performance, drinking whiskey sours.

Halloween is the most important holiday for my friends and it showed, and we heard it, and we danced to it.

Tina had to work the next day so I walked her home.

IMG_0068We drank wine out of tiny jars in her apartment, talking about all the things.

Alain came home and I went back to Skylight at 1:30, where I was told I couldn’t come back in. I reminded them that I had built the fog chiller that stood as decoration and had paid their cover.

I waited outside for a time, talking about how Skylight is a ruiner, and snuck past the guard swiftly when he was distracted.

Kristen and I went home and had a good old fashioned sleepover. We had excellent almond milk lattes in the morning and went to the book store.


Old New good old Days

“I woke up at 5, there were no planes. There was no there to take them to.”

I woke up at 7, as I was reading Angelo’s status in that dream I thought: “Angelo would not be that specific.”

At a Radical Abacus party, later, I told Angelo his status, standing on extension chords, a morphing group curating the Spotify playlist.

“What is your favorite food?” Asked Jamie.

I said: “Whatever is for dinner… or any meal… that excludes animal suffering/environmental detriment… on semi-subjective scales… and has leafs on it… and sauce… Let me get back to you…”

Throughout the night I heard the question asked of others:

– “Pizza.”

– “Sushi.”

– “Sushi.”

– “Pizza.”

– “Pizza.”

Bea: “Some vegetable-based dish that is in season.”

Bea’s party question: “What is your favorite love song?”

Me: The live version of Heartbeats by The Knife and No Summer 4 U by OOooOOoo.

The Knife was played, dice was played, we sat by the bonfire, on the trampoline, up the wall. Old-new good-old days.