Days 8

I was jolted and startled. I leaned my head onto the windowsill and it was dark out. “Oh, that was obvious” I thought after fully waking up. I was pregnant with myself and didn’t know it until 8 months had passed. I was going to be born a Pisces. Cole was also having a baby in March.

That day, In another dream I took rocks from my window and realized they were eggs. They had cracked in my hand and I didn’t want to waste them, but didn’t want to eat almost-creature ovaries. I scrambled them for Deyla.

Pretty simple. Deyla is my friend, she eats meat, eggs are fertility. I want to nourish her. Cole is working on projects all the time, I am working on projects all the time, Cole and I are two fish, Deyla and I are childhood friends who used to be called “opposite twins.” Cole and Deyla are blue-eyed with golden locks, ducks on a strings, and lollypops.

8 months, 8 is infinity turned 180º, two eggs make an 8 etc.

When an incision is made in an energetic-trajectory I end one journal and start another. “Days 8” ended, now begins “Days 9.”

I started journaling consistently when I was 16, and looking back on some (now gone) computer files they tend to begin and end in correlation with dreams, soon forgotten.

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