Bea and I stayed up till 4 talking about philosophies/interpersonal interaction and giggling.

In the morning we had decorative breakfast, I packed her a lunch and drove her to work. I spent the morning sweeping ants off the counter and putting them outside, then bleaching/applying peppermint oil to confuse their scent trails. A two hour process.


I worked on projects until 9, then delivered a commemorative Warf plate/Lord of Dragon Lord merch from Will to Hirshey.

John, Sean, and I joined the 4 Square match. Hot game. Fat stacks of players. Noah and I danced around, Benji and I danced around. Sarah showed us her finely crafted animal sculptures.

Everyone went back to the Radical Abacus, danced, and popped some of the decorative popcorn. At the end of the night Benji tossed Sean’s keys into the air and they landed on the lip of a ceiling beam.

John and I stayed up till 6 talking about social structure/capitalism as the selling of scarcity, about the nature of the universe as contained, and concepts of infinity/probability.

His phone broke and I took a picture of it so that he could use it as his background.


I had a dream I was about to be dead, and I accepted what it felt like.

5 hours of sleep in two days. At around 3PM I started hallucinating lines of energy everywhere. I felt peaceful.

I also felt peaks and anxiety and troths of depression – with erratic consistency.

Still, I felt comfortable being human, thinking of all outcome as natural, in that everything in the universe is natural.

A ritual of weekend sleep deprivation. When I get home from work on Sunday I write and sing. I see clearly the slots where notes have to fall and melodies write themselves that way.

What could something that is infinite be expanding into?

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