Back Home

Nosebleed clock is the alarm that works as well at 3am as it does at 9am. Welcome home.

Pre-nosebleed this morning I awoke to someone on the street saying: “Good morning!” I had been in a city with Adhit, taking an elevator. Noah’s alarm went off and I dozed till the nosebleed started. Still in dreams, shoving toilet paper up my nostril, I went inside the sounds.

Why would you feel bad about anything? Just be in that sound.

Hoku is dead.

I’m shocked that way a lot of mornings.

Then I think about what death is and continue to not know.

Just listen to music, drink lemon water, and make breakfast.

A sense of sad but peaceable introspection hangs around then floats away.


Lifting thousands of pounds of wood and metal, through clouds of gnats and 90+ degree sun. Gloves aren’t thorn-proof and we smell like pack-rat waste.

Dad and I got 100 bucks for 1150 pounds of steel at Capitol scrap!


Evening time and we go to Ian’s. Tisket a tasket as basket with two six-packs, traded in for beer-boxes and dolphin-killers (I don’t know what they are actually called).


My uncle has a stoned hospitality. He builds a house next to his house (of one room) in a thoughtful/relaxed manner while preparing food his pregnant wife. We brought building supplies. The next day we brought spring rolls with the beer and building supplies. We talked about melting coal found in the arroyo and casting things.


Dad and I went to Cap-Scrap again and made another $100. We got beer and the produce guy from Albertsons, who has worked there all my life, was there. “Guess I’m just a fruity guy.”

We got groceries at Ta Lin and loaded sheds onto truck and trailer. Dad started playing packman and we called it an early day.


Over 5 days we moved/got rid of around 8 tons of objects. It just happened to be the hottest part of summer, with forest fire smoke hanging around.

“It’s just part of this beautiful time we’re having.”


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