Will and I drank like old times. He was all suit-happy government- job designing new forms for retirees, and all the ladies at the office think he’s doing a great job. Still, on his last check from Starbucks and me on a shoestring all along we felt we were spending too much on food and drink. He had made chile for when my chinatown bus arrived 2 hours late. That week we made everything else also, except falafel.


We biked around. We saw the river and some geese. We saw a fort. We judged the things around us and laughed and were sarcastic. Will would be employed 9-5 and I would sit in the kitchen all day working on my next project, getting up to pour coffee, eat popsicles, and do pull ups. Rex, Wes, and Joel played Halo 3 in the living room.

In evenings we played frisbee and beer pong and went to Walden pond. We also finished watching Breaking Bad and did victory-laps.

Nick came and we started an underground band in the basement.


Basement Underground was such a good band.

Rex and I had been placing bets on when Nick would bring mortality into conversation. He started talking about how he thinks it’s worse when people kill animals than each other. I said “that is funny because you work in a deli and you eat meat.” He was like, “oh yeah, okay I will go vegan.” I told him to make sure he gets enough b12 and vitamin D.


Will and Nick went to a Star Trek convention to buy a sailor moon backpack and I went to New York.

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