Proxy Family

Sandra’s childhood home in Paramus has original 70’s details and nice tenants inside. The mom of the family helped Sandra and Crocket look through Chinese newspapers to find deals on warehouse spaces, and the son helped translate/haggle with landlords over the phone. The mom made feasts two nights in a row.


Everyone around the table stumbled over Mandarin/English phrases except the son, who is fluently bilingual and wanted to know why we didn’t eat meat.

I was trying to make room for lettuce in the fridge and the son offered his mini fridge, which he doesn’t use much because his mom checks it for beer. I asked if he was under 21 and he said no, they were Christian and didn’t drink.

Because we wanted to experience New Jersey culture, we went to the mall. Crocket and I spent some time selecting the optimal configuration of legos from the bulk brick bins at the lego store.

Lego Judd

Lego Judd

I bought 2 collarless rayon shirts for ½ off at Uniqlo. A cheery voice would come on between songs and inform us about the different floors of products. “The first floor has cheap basics for men and women and fitting rooms, the second floor has cheap basics for men and women, and fitting rooms, there is no third floor… Nothing happens after you die.”

We came home to a lovely family dinner and didn’t eat meat or drink.


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