Had such a good sleep in York Alabama, at the Coleman residency, which used to be a bank.


There was a dark room with papers and objects on the walls that functioned as Hoku’s diary. One of the entries was about the most important people in his life and I found myself among them.

Then I was going to a party with the mayor.


Doing push ups and lunges, drinking lime water, making a shake out of coconut meat, avocado, cacao, almond milk, and brown sugar. Crocket got up and started playing music, Sandra practiced Pimsler’s Mandarin 1.


This town is so small you can be all the way zoomed on the map and still see the edges. When we got here we biked a few feet to the Piggly Wiggly. The director of the residency showed us the garden. I slow cooked smoky black eye peas, collard and mustard greens, and brown rice.


On the street everyone stared at me, then waved when I noticed. I was offered rides by a couple people while walking from the store, even though the span of the town is only a few blocks. Of all the places visited, I would live in New York, or York Alabama.

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