I displayed Proxy in Raleigh at CAM. On top of setting up in air conditioning, Iceshelf received unlimited free microbrew and while I was installing my friends brought me food from a sort of fancy vegan restaurant. All the stereotypes of what I like. Unparalleled fortuity.


The acoustics were great in the open concrete museum, formerly a produce warehouse. I used the little plastic compass-ring that signified my VIP status to get drinks for a journalist and watched people interact with Proxy.

A little kid was being told he couldn’t touch art and I told his parents he could touch my piece. This was one of those overly-cute moments of art education that involved a lot of the child saying: “WHOA!” His parents “look Stuart! Touch this part, it makes a sound, see?” He yelled: “I don’t like art” and ran away.


At the end of the evening an artist wanted us to participate in his project of making a friend, having a portrait taken with the friend, and writing on the back of the polaroid where we would visit together and what we would do. I made friends with Fern, who owns part of a restaurant. I was peckish so I asked if his restaurant was open/had vegan options. It wasn’t/did not. Here is the back of our portrait.


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